Spirituality is felt and experienced; its language is symbolic and intuitive. – Belzebuub


1. having extremely keen sight
2. vigilant, watchful, or observant hawk-eyed scrutiny

Yesterday while I was walking on my break from work, in the middle of a bustling city street I heard this call. It was very surreal and I just thought it wasn’t possible. I looked up to see this outstretched hawk, directly over my head, looking down at me. It was a pretty interesting experience and I had to wonder if I was dreaming or not.



I think of this blog often. I think often what would I write?

I contemplate everything that’s happened to me in my life, my struggles and trials, and I’m still left asking “What is a life of spirituality?”

When I was involved with so called spiritual things, practices, I was still asking the same question.

What I personally found was how easily I am pulled down by the people I surround myself with. How easy it is to just go along with the motions despite my instincts and intuition saying otherwise.

This was a scientific fact discovered through the Milgram experiment.

The more alone I am, the more whole I feel again. I discovered that once there are limited distractions, I untapped some incredible innate abilities. The challenge is staying alone, as we’re designed as social creatures it becomes a never ending study of oneself as to what are your pulls? What pulls you away from the qualities of the spirit? What pulls you out of the present and into the past and future?

I found a lot of my feelings weren’t actually coming from myself but they were feelings based upon interactions with negative people, and my desire for the human contact, that’s just innately inside of us, consistently being thwarted. Looking for things outside when all the answers are within. Just be still and listen.




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This book, Flight of the Feathered Serpent, wasn’t written by Belsebuub but is highly recommended reading by the Belsebuub community and myself included. 




Also a Sacred Texts page has been added here with free copies to many insightful and esoteric texts speaking about the process of enlightenment.



I recently rented this movie from the library and I just felt that I had to write about it.

The movie is about the life of Francesco, who later became Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy. It’s done in Italian with subtitles.
There are other movies about the life of Saint Francis, such as Brother Sun Sister Moon, and another also called Francesco starring Mickey Rourke. Although I love both of those movies, I found this version was jammed packed with so many beautiful quotes, prayers and symbolism of what true spirituality is, what it is to live and walk the path to salvation.
All odds were against Francesco; preaching outside the Church was forbidden, to give up ones possessions and live amongst the poor was lunacy, and yet he somehow managed to have his order approved  by the Pope at the time.  Even back in those days it was so important to spread the teachings of goodwill and love and to help others spiritually, to lead by example.

Some favorite scenes:

Francesco is announcing the opening of his Church

It’s a church of the poor. There we will share what we have and pray. We will sing together and praise the Lord with our heads held high. The Lord is in every creature and every thing in this world! Don’t be ashamed of your condition. Being poor is not a fault. The Lord is in heaven,but he is also in our naked hands, in our bare feet, in our ragged clothes. The kingdom of heaven is for those who are last. So give yourself to the Lord and pray with us. Let us Pray in the language that we use everyday…” And he proceeds to say the Our Father

After being condemned, beaten and called a heretic for preaching outside of the Church, Leone, a friend from the past says to Francesco: “So you’ve learned to see with your heart.
And Francesco replies “I’ve learned to love everything my eyes can see.

When Chiara (Claire) becomes part of the order, her and Francesco say this prayer:

In you, we hope, lord. In you we confide. In you we place our destiny. You are our hope,our patience, our strength. Holy and just father,Lord king of Heaven and Earth. You are the Father of all creatures. You are our Father. You are love, perfect love. We must love our brothers in the same way. God almighty, holy and omnipotent, lead the way. Lord, help us keep our eyes open. Help us hear and understand with our heart. Help us love….

Afterward Francesco says to Chiara: “You must be strong.  They will try to stop you from living your life freely.
And Chiara replies “ Nobody can force me to give up what I feel inside. Now I am like you. For the first time I am really at peace. God is inside me. As he is in all things of this world.

Really beautiful movie. ❤

Since the weather has been nice, I’ve been outside a lot, biking around most of the time, trying to stay concentrated on the road and my movements. Yesterday however, I took a really long walk down a street I often cycle down and I was very amazed at how much I had missed while whizzing by on my bike. It was as if I had never been down this street before. I was noticing all the beautiful gardens and houses and it was like a completely new area to me. The birds chirping loudly and all the wonderful urban nature. I especially love the smells in the air when I get a chance to perceive it all;  flowers, fresh cut grass… just so many beautiful smells.   I really love to cycle but I feel like my senses are getting an overload with rapid images flowing past.
Summer is such a beautiful time for awareness walks and we only get a few months of it in Ontario so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.  After yesterday I really want to make more of an effort to sharpen that awareness and take more  awareness walks. They can be such a rewarding endeavor.



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